Unlock your lock!

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Unlock the impossible and become I’m possible!

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If it can be unlocked then it must be locked. If it can be unlocked then it must be locked.

You’ve been asking God to open doors, to unlock what is holding you back from pursuing your passion. This week I am going to touch on a few things, maybe it’s your fear of change, the fear of failing or maybe your feel unqualified. God has already unlocked the doors to your passion now it time to open them and walk into your divine purpose. Your passion is going to look a bit different from mine. Why? Because we were all created differently in order to fulfill a different purpose.  Your passion and your purpose are specific to who your are, where you are located, who surrounds you and what circumstances you find yourself in, which are completely different from mine. That is why the Bible says you are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” You are unique, crested exactly to…

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Between the ears…

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What chatter is happening between your ears that is keeping you from your purposed steps?

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You biggest obstacle lies between your ears…your own natural intelligence, a.k.a human reasoning. When your mind says, its impossible; God says, “I’m possible.” Your perception of God is key to your day-to-day battle between the ears. Our perception warps, twists and darkens our perspective because we just don’t see God. The real battle of your life is in your head, it’s not in your circumstance. Your battleground is not a geographical location, it’s not your debt, it’s not your past, it’s not what people did or say about you that matters!!! It is what you say and think about yourself that holds you back and threatens your destiny!

According to Merriam Webster reason is defined as a statement or fact that explains why something is the way it is, why someone does, thinks, or says something, or why someone behaves a certain way. Our human reasoning tells us why we…

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Did I meet you today?

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Who are you…have we met?

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IMG_6917 New York City

I usually drive to New York City but this day I decided to take the train. Ready with my notepad and headphones, I was going to block out the world and write…but God had different plans. I sat close to a window, reached into my bag for my pen and pad, then felt a nudge…”you will meet me today.”  I decided to just stay put, no writing or music…just sit and wait. Who would I meet today?

As I gazed out the window, a business woman sat next to me. She was stressed, running late and upset the train was crowded. She cursed under her breath and I smiled at her. She apologized for her words and began to rant about her life being a mess. As a life coach I asked her simple questions, questions that helped refocus and take the next step whatever that may…

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