Be a LION!!!!

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ImageThe cowardly lion is yet another misfit character in the movie the Wizard of Oz. He was whiny, wimpy, complained all of the time and had an irritating habit of twisting his tail. He was a big baby that was constantly hiding behind everybody else when faced with trouble. Along the trip down the yellow brick road, he seemed to drag everyone down with the weight of his despair.

Here was this lion: greater than anything else, King of the Jungle, beast of beasts, larger than life, by all appearances, reduced to a beaten kitten. How could he not see this? He was a lion, that is what he was created to be.

Why didn’t he know it?

The Lion was taken from his mother as a cub. He was taken to a lab where experimental tests were performed on the young cub. He didn’t know that he was a King, he didn’t know that he was a magnificent animal and was a symbol of power, of courage. He didn’t know who he was and whose he was, thus, never acquiring the necessary lessons of life to warrant him to be the King of the Jungle. He is essentially withered to nothing but a wimpy kitten.  Through his journey with Dorothy he was forced to step into the role he was meant to live and found that his courage was always there. What made the difference? He was loved and developed love for his companions, he had a reason to dig deep enough to find that courage, confidence and power within.

He didn’t know how strong he was until being strong was the only choice he had.

Courage is required in almost every basic human activity or endeavor. For instance, to allow yourself to love and commit to another person takes immense courage. Separating from our parents and forging an independent life for ourselves is a courageous act. To survive an abusive, traumatic or abandoned childhood with some sense of dignity and integrity intact demonstrates tremendous courage and resilience. Getting old demands courage, becoming 50 this year…takes courage.

Jesus Himself offered words of encouragement for our lives in this world: I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]! For I have overcome the world. [I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you.] – John 16:33


To persevere rather than quit. To act with integrity rather than being a crowd pleaser. To take responsibility rather than put blame. To embrace reality rather than retreat from it. To move forward in life rather than regress or stagnate. To create rather than destroy. To love rather than hate. To deal with your own imperfections, rather than not. To consciously face the inevitable facts of life rather than denying them. Courage is living the Word no compromises and what we don’t do with it.  Like the Cowardly Lion, who constantly looks for courage outside himself, we may already be more courageous, more heroic, than we imagine. Acknowledging our past acts of courage, tapping into our innate capacity to be courageous. To know when you need help because of the daunting past, present and future, or whatever it may bring is courage.

Courageous people know what they must do and they do it, even though they may be very much afraid. The lesson here is that courage isn’t about acting in the absence of fear. It’s about acting regardless of our fears. Knowing who your are and whose you are! Ask yourself what can be against me? For the Lion of Judah goes before you!!! Psalm 8:31

“Be a Lion” ~ The Wiz

And with no fear inside, No need to run,

 No need to hide

You’re standing strong and tall, 

You’re the bravest of them all

If on courage
You must call
Then just keep on tryin’
And tryin’
And tryin’
You’re a lion
In your own way
Be a lion!


  1. This one goes out to all my ladies.The Lion is King not because he’s the strongest animal in the jungle because he isn’t he’s not the smarest or the fastest or the biggest or the badest. He is King because he believes he is King. His attiude is I run this thing! See that elephant I can eat that elephant his size doesn’t matter to me his strength doesn’t matter to me what matters to me is that I can eat that and so he does! Now ladies the male Lion is not the strong one the male Lion is not the one that is going to take down that elephant when the time comes THE MALE LION DOES NOT HUNT it’s the FEMALE LION that get’s the job done and she is so amazing and confident in who she is that after she hunts and brings down the beast she steps back and lets the males and cubs feast 1st. NOW COME ON LADIES U HAVE TO GET EXCITED ABOUT THAT! The Lioness takes care of her own once she hunts her prey she sits back and in a quiet moment after all is said and done she sees the pride feasting on her kill and says it was worth it. In the movie it wasn’t until Dorothy a female came into the Lion’s life that he was able to find his courage. It was in her circumstance that he found out who he was. Who am I talking to this morning! You have heard it before behind every GOOD MAN there is a GOOD WOMAN well I’m here to tell you that behind every LION there is a LIONESS that either makes him a KING or like in a game of chess if the Queen is weak then it’s checkmate baby!


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