My First LOVE…

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Ok, its Valentine’s Day! I was never the type to look forward to this day. The craziness of buying cards, chocolates, flowers to let someone know that you love them or that they are love. It a great gesture but actions speak louder than words. The true gift of loving someone is really listening to their heart speak. True Story…before we started dating my husband asked me what was my idea of a perfect Valentine. I knew he was interested in me and I wanted no parts of ever being married again or in love. I learned early on LOVE hurts, it rips the core of your soul right out of you and that was never every going to happen to me again. I whispered in a very sultry sort of way, “Chocolate covered strawberries, lavender roses, a candle-lit room, and to be LEFT THE HECK ALONE!!!” (Trust me this man fought tooth and nail to have me fall in love with him.) So Valentine’s Day arrived and we went out with a group to a Latin dance in our town. He excused himself for about 20 minutes. When the night ended, he asked what I wanted to do, “Go home!” I said. He told me he had a surprise for me. OH NO!!!!! We drive up to a hotel and I was fuming…like really what did he think he was getting from me. OH HECK NO!!!!! I was semi yelling at him and he told me to trust him. YEAH RIGHT?

Love is possible

Love is possible

So he takes me to the room opens the door and there before me a candlelit room, roses, chocolate strawberries and on the bed flannel pjs. He encouraged me into the room kissed my forehead and left. I asked him where was he going he said, “Happy Valentine’s I only wanted to make it perfect for you, now and always.”

I was in shock, for the first time in my life there were no strings attached, no demands…this man listened to me. REALLY listened to me and gave me my perfect Valentine. I CRIED THE WHOLE NIGHT, picture this mascara all over my face, eating strawberries, smelling my roses and wailing. Why? Because I felt loved for the first time, someone was willing to love me just as I was. What A SIGHT I MUST’VE BEEN TO GOD!!! LOL!

That is exactly what God wants, to LOVE you as you are and where you are. God’s love is an unconditional love – a love with no strings attached – a love worth celebrating.

A few years back a good friend debuted her album “Walking on the Shores of Heaven,” she asked me if I would Sign a song she was going to sing “Alabaster Box.”(CeCe Winans) The story goes as follows:

We read in the Bible about a prostitute Mary, who had spent her entire life seeking a love with no strings attached. Then Jesus came to town and into her life, and everything changed. Simon, one of the local Pharisees, invited Jesus to his home for dinner, this prostitute shows up, walked through her shame and fear, because she had to meet Jesus. Everyone knew who she was and Simon would never have allowed this kind of woman to enter his home. She came, knowing that everyone at the party would recognize and judge her, but her desire to meet Jesus was greater than her pride.

She was sick and tired of being sick and tired; emptiness and sin eating away at her soul, used, unwanted and unloved. She came and Jesus met her with love and forgiveness in His hands. As the love of Jesus enveloped her very soul, she fell at His feet, weeping tears of worship and praise. In her hands she had a bottle of very expensive perfume. This woman was not wealthy by any means and worked the streets, selling her body in order to live. She could have put a small amount on the feet of Jesus, and it would have been a great financial sacrifice. But she brought it all and gave it all. She came, totally abandoning herself and all she had to Jesus. His response was to love her, unconditionally and completely.

My First Love

My First Love

I have been there and I’m sure you have to. That place where we are spiritually bankrupt, looking for love in all the wrong places. Feeling alone and lonely. Then Jesus came and revealed Himself in a language you and I can understand – a message of love. There is no condemnation with Him, He adores you just as you are. He wants to spend time with you, laugh with you, dry your tears and fill your heart with new dreams. Today, no matter where you are or where you have been, Jesus is waiting for you with arms wide opened. He loves you, no matter how bad you perceive your pain, your sin, or how great the failure. He doesn’t care He wants to get to on with what is important to love you unconditionally and completely.


  1. What a beautiful message of Love, Mita. Thank you. Remember, you’re cloning your hubby (with a few tweeks) for me! LOL
    love you-womb-to-tomb!!

    • HAHA!!! He was cloned with a few tweaks, God made a male version of you! God will fulfill all your hearts desires. Trust me, you were the only person in my life that knew me and loved me just the way I was. I asked God for you in a male version and he sent me a “SAINT.”

  2. What a great personal story of you and your husband, I loved it, what a great thoughtful man! I love your postings, thanks for sharing.
    Love you!!!


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