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We are called to set the captive free…to help those around us live a life of being free from the chains that bind us. What chains? Depression, loneliness, sadness, memories, regrets etc., we are called to show that God is a good God. My purpose in life may not be to have a mega ministry however,  in whatever God will give me, whether it’s a person at the local Wal-Mart or a group of a few or a conference of many, I will be God’s image to a lost and dying world.

That is the impact that God has called me for and like I said yesterday my purpose and passion will look differently from yours. Why? Because we live in completely different places and are fearfully and wonderfully made. My specific calling is different from yours because God made me with different specifications from you to achieve a different purpose.

If we are opened to a new revelation,  God will reveal the reason for your particular struggle or why He is moving you in a different direction from what you had anticipated.  It’s all for the purpose and passion that God has placed specifically in you. It’s difficult to see  in yourself what God sees in you. You pray for God to use you but your self-image or self-worth stops you from receiving what God has destined for you. You are not alone in the Bible has a host of examples of people who felt unqualified to do God’s will. In Exodus  we read of Moses, who told God to send someone else to set the Israelites free. Why? He was a stutterer; he was not eloquent in speech.  Moses was literally telling God (who created Moses) what was wrong with him and how he could not go. God made him not perfect, sounds like anyone you know?

Exodus 4:10-13, Then Moses said to the Lord, “But, Lord, I am telling you, I am not a good speaker. I have never been able to speak well. And that hasn’t changed since you started talking to me. I am still not a good speaker. You know that I speak slowly and don’t use the best words.” Then the Lord said to him, “Who made a person’s mouth? And who can make someone deaf or not able to speak? Who can make a person blind? Who can make a person able to see? I am the one. I am the Lord. So go. I will be with you when you speak. I will give you the words to say.” But Moses said, “My Lord, I beg you to send someone else, not me.”

Essentially, Moses disqualified himself from doing God’s work. He said to God “God I’m not perfect, you can’t use me to fulfill your plan.” Have you ever felt that way? Because of your mistakes, regrets or image you disqualify yourself. God can’t use you to minister to your family, the person next to you or at work because you don’t feel confident in who you are. God doesn’t want you to work on your own ability; He wants your availability so He can move in and through you.

God knows I had to walk through this door myself. I have always stated I don’t pray over people I’m not a good at praying exceptional prayers.  Then God pressed me out of my comfort zone one day. A woman at a local pizza shop was going through something and asked me for prayer. I asked her name and said I would definitely pray for her. Well, lo and behold she came from around the counter, grabbed my hands, and said ok go! IN THE MIDDLE OF LUNCH TIME! Seriously! I meant when I got home…in my secret hiding place. God unlocked the door right then and there…I had walked through not for my sake but her’s and God  gave me the right words. Just like He did with Moses. He has an awesome sense of humor.

We can’t ask God to show us our purpose and then when he calls us to a particular ministry or opportunity we say, “No God that’s not really for me, what about something else?” The only reason I’m saying this is because I did this time and time again. “Well, no God not that, how about…?” He doesn’t want your ability He wants your availability. God honors obedience over sacrifice. God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

God wants you to go fulfill your purpose. God is not going to send you and not be with you. God doesn’t want you to figure it out on your own strength He is with you! I promise it will fill a part of your heart that you didn’t even know was empty but it won’t be comfortable. You will probably use every excuse there is not to go, but God will complete the good works in you. He has UNLOCKED the door, dust off the knob and walk into your calling! Your Destined for greatness!!!




  1. awesome!!

  2. Just goes to show how full of grace God is. He doesn’t search out the most qualified or the most gifted theologians in the world to do His work. He’s just looking for humility, obedience, and willingness.

    • Absolutely, the sad part is that so many people are missing out on their call, passion and or dream because they feel they have to have a certain education, position or even look.

  3. Well…what can I say?? Today as we talked and I had left for work with your blog up, but never got the chance to read it. Now I know why! Sheezz…I think HE was listening…lol! I am standing…coming out with teh Anger in hand…swinging it like a sword!! Lord…You are my Source, not man! Thank you for Walking so close and hearing HIM whisper in your ear! Hugs!

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