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God has a host of examples in the bible of people who had to contend with their past mistakes and sins. These characters had to rise above the errors of their past in order to complete their passion and purpose. In Joshua 2:1-14 we read of one person who did such a thing; Rahab. Who is she? Rahab hid two Israelite spies sent by Joshua. The spies entered the city of Jericho and stayed with Rahab, a prostitute. She hid them from the king of Jericho in return for their promise to protect her and her family during the Israelite invasion. Rahab, not the spies, confesses faith in the Lord, the God of Israel. It is Rahab who saves them through her wisdom, and it is Rahab who tells them that God has given them the land of Canaan, a fact they later report to Joshua, and he uses Rahab’s own words. Her key identity is being a prostitute, even to this day she is known as Rahab the prostitute.

As the story goes the walls of Jericho fall and who gets saved from destruction in Jericho? The lowly prostitute Rahab and her family. After she hid the spies;  she lowered a red rope out the window-a scarlet cord-down, which the men would safely descend from the high roof to the ground outside the city. The rope by which she delivered the messengers would be the same rope that delivered Rahab and her loved ones. When they come back to take over Jericho everyone in the Rahab’s house was be spared. It was the red rope  that protected her and her family.

An aside, Red like the red covering of the blood of Jesus in which our lives are saved, our loved ones are saved as long as they are under the blood with us. Rahab’s passion was not being a prostitute; her passion was saving her family.  She did not allow her reputation, past mistakes or current circumstances keep her from the purpose God needed for her accomplish with the spies.

Rahab could’ve made excuses, “They won’t trust me, I am a nobody, I am a tainted person just a lowly prostitute.” Her passion was to save her family no matter what mess was in her past.  If we use our past to keep us from reaching our potential, our passion will remain behind the closed-door. God has already unlocked that potential but we remain at the door unwilling to enter into our destined purpose, essentially we hide in our past.  You are not LOCKED into the identity that others have given you or judged you by, you are not LOCKED into your past mistakes. If the enemy of your soul can keep you looking back, he can keep you from moving forward; because how you are right now is not how you have to stay.

If you think you’ve messed up so bad…Google what you did and who you are; if it shows up on Google, UMMMM, yeah you are probably right, LOL. Regardless, your Savior took everything to the cross!!! EVERYTHING!!! This means when He said, “It is finished,” it means its done. It can’t be used against you no matter who is pointing the finger. Rahab did not care; she was going to pursue her passion. To this day if you Google Rahab, her identifying marker is Rahab “the Prostitute.”

There is no one else in the world like you. When you hide or devalue your gifts, talents and personality, we are a little less as a whole because you are part of the body of Christ. God has a purpose for you that no other human being on this earth can fulfill. Its time for you to dismiss the lies of your past hurts, mistakes and pain.


For those of you who still are not convinced of how God could take a mere prostitute and bring forth greatness. Here’s a little more information: Rahab is mentioned 3 times in the New Testament. In Matthew 1, Rahab is one of only four women listed in the genealogy of Jesus; in Hebrews 11:31, she is one of the examples of faith lifted up for Christians to emulate; and in James 2:25, she is praised as one who was justified by works, not just by faith. So from what the world called  lowly and worthless;  God brought forth from Rahab’s lineage, JESUS. I pray that you are grasping the magnitude of this! There is greatness to come from you REGARDLESS of the circumstances of your past mistakes. AMEN!!!

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