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Last week was dedicated to healthy habits for a healthy body. Knowledge is key, knowing what is good for you is half the battle. Understanding that food can be toxic is essential to getting healthy; toxic foods, toxic drinks,  and toxic physical behaviors will destroy your “temple.” This week I’m going to dig a little deep and deal with toxic thoughts, toxic relationships, and toxic words. During these postings I may ask you to become authentic to self. There will be some questions please keep those answers between you and God.

First of all, the definition of toxic is something containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation; extremely harsh, malicious, or harmful.

It is so sad to see people who are hurting. Its even more sad that these people are hurting because of  toxic thoughts which are holding them captive to the past, present and future .They are seriously debilitated by the thought process and just can’t move on. Our thoughts matter so much!!! Ever heard “It’s the thought that counts?” That tormenting thought is holding you back from completing the very mission/purpose God deemed you for. The battle against our toxic thoughts is like nothing you’ve ever encountered. These toxic thoughts contain poison to the body and mind; stress, depression, anxiety, etc. which is extremely harmful and harsh.

In Hebrew 3 we are encouraged to fix our eye on Jesus, but those underlying critical thoughts keeps us from believing He is even there. Our thoughts are so easily influenced by our behaviors, relationships and even our words which are toxic. How many times in a single day we think, “we are not smart enough”, “pretty enough”, “worthy enough”, etc.

Toxic thoughts

Toxic thoughts

There are  4 common categories of toxic thoughts: fear, discontent, negativity and critical. It’s probably safe to say that you’ve struggled with one or more of these thoughts. The more you let these thoughts take a hold of you, the more they will consume you. The deeper the toxicity of the root, the harder it will be to shake the thoughts off. Which types of toxic thoughts do you experience most often?

Now is the time to battle these thoughts with God’s truth. His truth is found in His Word. In Colossians 3: 2-7,”Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things…Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts…”  Fix your eyes on Jesus, this will help you filter the toxic lies that are in your thoughts. Strive to know your God-given identity in Christ through the Love letters He has written for you in the Bible. You are “FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE.” You have believed for much too long what man has said about you, now its time to know what God has written about you!

Day 1 Challenge: Answer these question as openly and honestly to your Heavenly Father, then take them to the cross and look up He’s waiting for you with open arms.

  1. Why is it easier to think toxic thoughts than it is to focus our minds on the truth?
  2. Which types of toxic thoughts do you experience most often? What are some examples of your toxic thoughts?
  3. What are some of the causes of toxic thoughts in your life?
  4. In what ways do you renew your mind and focus you thoughts on what God says about you, His truths?
  5. Change your toxic thoughts…What are some ways you can begin to make that change?

If you can only comprehend how much God love YOU, you would see what He sees. He sent His Son to die on a cross and if He had to do it for you and you alone…Jesus would have still taken on the cross. That is epic! You are exactly the way He wants and needs for you to be. It’s the toxic thoughts of the past that have taken root and keeping you from all you have been designed to accomplish. Man will fail you, we are not perfect but one thing I know is true “above all God is love…and love never fails!”

Last week’s challenges were to help you  get a healthier body, lets work together to get a healthier mind.

Keeping It Simple and Straightforward

  1. 100% on point!!!!

    • I hope you realize that settling for the toxicity in your life causes the desperation, anger and debilitation! Feeling like you are trapped in a box called SELF playing and replaying the movie TOXIC WASTE!


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