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After this week’s blogs we need to figure out how to detoxify. What is the definition of detoxify? It is to counteract or destroy the toxic properties of and/or to remove the effects of poison…essentially its an antidote.  So how do we do this? How do we get to that place where cleansing has to enter in and we can be made new?
Lets recap:
  • Monday: Toxic thoughts are tormenting thoughts which hold you captive to the past, present and future. You are seriously debilitated by the thought process and just can’t move on. Detox antidote: You are exactly the way He wants and needs for you to be. It’s the toxic thoughts of the past that have taken root; keeping you from all you have been designed to accomplish.You areFEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE.” Man will fail you, we are not perfect but one thing I know is true “above all God is love…and love never fails!”
  • Tuesday: Toxic Words crush and hurt you, then you may turn around and speak them onto others spreading the toxicity. Eventually these words take you down a path God never meant for you to travel. These words rob you of your God-given identity. Detox antidote: When someone says something to or about you, first consider the source. Analyze the message and source before swallowing and digesting what someone else wants to feed you. Don’t compromise the Word of God, in order to satisfy someone who will repeatedly gives you trash. Like physical trash, take it out to the curb and dump it, otherwise you are accepting the stench of untrue, mean-spirited, and critical words, call them what they are — toxic waste. Study to show yourself approved! 2 Timothy 2:15
  • Wednesday: Toxic Relationships, come in all shapes and sizes: family, friends, neighbors, team mates, siblings, children etc. Misery loves company. In toxic relationships there will be constant strife and division. Amos 3:3 asks us, “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” Detox antidote: Be willing to admit there is an issue, limit your time and exposure to certain toxic people who trigger negative emotions in you, and believe in yourself to find a more loving place. See yourself, the way God see you because you are precious in His sight. Isaiah 43:4
  • Thursday: Toxic Qualities constantly drain your energy, in both obvious and subtle ways. These toxic people and their qualities will exhaust you or deter you from your path of living a fulfilled life. Detox antidoteProverbs 13:4 says, “He who walks with the wise grows wise.” And Paul writes in I Corinthians 15:33, “Bad company corrupts good character.” You eventually become like the people you spend the majority of your time with, so it is important to surround yourself with godly people who will lead you closer to the Lord.You are at your best when you are in a supportive environment. A significant part of your environment is the people you spend time with. That is precisely why you need to be sure you surround yourself with those who support you and your ambitions. Do your best to avoid people who belittle your enthusiasm, put you down or try to squash your dreams. Do your best to seek out those that support your goals and share your infectious energy. Surround yourself with positive people. When you combine that with both positive energy and attitude, you can’t help but soar.
  • Friday Detoxifying Laughter – I love to end my blog week with the Joy of the Lord. I LOVE TO LAUGH and as they say laughter is the best medicine…seriously…look it up! The video you are about to watch is very funny way but it reveals how preconceived notions can definitely be toxic. Toxicity can derive from a harmless event or misunderstanding.   Watch this video and think: What is the woman going to tell  people about her harmless jog. Now think of what the gentleman’s story is going to be…who will be toxic and who will be the antidote! ENJOY!

Have a great weekend!

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