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This week my son is home from deployment I can breathe and say my God is awesome. However, as a mom I want to spend every waking moment with him…which will drive him crazy lol. With that said, I will be reposting your top 5 blogs over the past couple of months. Thank you all for all the encouragement you all have given me during my blogging journey. Keep It Simple & Straightforward.

Just Addriana...

This week I addressed the topic of moving through your storm. Arriving at that Stop sign and expecting it to turn green in order for you to proceed and continue to exist but not live as your true authentic self. We have to change or we remain existing in a mediocre life. My final blog of the week deals with the rain that will inevitably fall in our lives. When the natural rain falls, the earth absorbs it and from that there is abundant growth. Rain sustains life, without it we would surely die.

We use umbrellas to keep us from getting wet.  We devise all sorts of ways to keep the rain at bay. I’m guessing meteorologists really can’t accurately predict rain, because there are times it catches us off guard.  I have a friend that dreads rain just because of what it does to her hair…It is hilarious…

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