A Wish or a Weed… You decide

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2014 is here and so much has happened since my last blog. I  took a journey of reflection and introspection. After the Boston Bombing I really had to become still. I know you have heard of PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, well I feel like I went through something I call Post Traumatic Growth, PTG. Moments, days and minutes all became a haze. I recently read a post I wrote on Facebook  of a moment, I was thrilled, giving praises and thanking for the wonderful moment, and to my dismay I have no clue what I wrote about. How quickly we forget! Then I ended 2013 in the hospital, sick, in need of three surgical procedures to rectify the problem. I had a choice, see this as the worst Holiday Season ever or appreciate how God brought people to me to help through the ordeal. My weed became a wish come true. I had a post traumatic growth moment. I decided that in 2014, I would create a  “Joy Jar.”  I am taking a jar and every time something wonderful happens in my life or that of another, I will write it on a little sheet of paper and store it in the jar. Come 2015, I will open the jar and remember all that I was blessed with in 2014.

Nevertheless, it is so easy to focus on the negative. Even a simple compliment becomes a doubt or a downgrade to “this old thing.” Why? During the course of a day, it can become all too easy to focus on the negative. You might feel tired, overworked, and stressed out by all of the conflicting demands on your time. As a result, negative thoughts can creep into your mind, then the should’ve, would’ve and could’ves, then regret, doubt, fear and on and on. Laying in the hospital I didn’t know if I would be home for Christmas. I came to terms that there was nothing I could do for myself…but God. He showed up and showed off. My friends and family all kicked into high gear and took care of situations that were far beyond my control. I realized that I am blessed beyond measure, we all are. The key to realizing this is to understand in every difficulty there is an opportunity presenting itself. Genesis 50:20 You intended to do me harm but God produced something good from it…

You can either see a field of dandelions as one hundred weeds or one hundred wishes.

You can either see a field of dandelions as one hundred weeds or one hundred wishes.

Being a positive thinker is not about ignoring reality in favor of aspirational thoughts. I mean seriously, you can think positive about driving cross country on quarter a tank of gas, and all the positive words you speak  and claim, will not put gas in the car. It is more about taking a proactive approach to your life. Speaking life into a situation, prayer, meditation and knowing that it will resolve itself in God’s timing. Instead of feeling hopeless or overwhelmed, positive thinking and words allows you to tackle life’s challenges by looking for effective ways to resolve conflict and come up with creative solutions to problems. It might not be easy, but the positive impact it will have on your mental, emotional, and physical health will be well-worth it. It takes practice; lots of practice. Start out small by saying a simple yes to a compliment. It involves a lifelong commitment to looking inside yourself and being willing to challenge negative thoughts and make positive changes.

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue…

Keeping It Simple & Straightforward

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  1. Welcome back!! Missed your words of wisdom .. Loved this one and the part of going cross country with a quarter tank was a word in due season. There are some things you believe for and have faith an Sw things require action!! I am speaking this to mmy finances..

    • Amen!!! Its about being proactive, to actively participate in God’s will. Its sad to see people claiming or even believing for things and yet they won’t’ move! God says Ask and many of God’s people do this but there are further action steps…Seek, Knock…verbs, doing, moving to seek, search, knock means go to those doors that God has set forth and knock diligently and not taking no for an answer! Stay blessed girl!


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