19?? – 20?? Legacy of your dash?

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It’s just a dash between two DISTANT years; its put on everyone’s tombstone but have you ever wonder what happened during the “Dash?” What are you doing with the life you’ve been given? What does your dash say about you? Are living life? Celebrating? Or just getting  through until you get to the end? The dash on the tombstones states that the person lived, it represents their existence and their involvement on this planet. That dash is not just a placement holder, it’s not a marker…it represents A LIFE LIVED!!!

So I ask you again…what will your dash represent?  Your dash, your life is a series of inhales and exhales. The meaning of your life is created by your day’s actions and thoughts. Life is made up of choices and decision-making is critical as each choice has both consequences and benefits. Always ask what you can learn, and how you can move forward, and stop yourself from blaming other people if things aren’t the way you would like them to be.Live "-" Life

God gave you your inhales and exhales, He breathed life into you so that you can achieve the beauty of living. Everyday can bring forth something great. Today you can plant that seed of change so that tomorrow you can reap the harvest. Jesus said that He came “so that we could have life and life more abundantly,” John 10:10.  I know the enemy of your soul is doing everything he can to keep you from living out your “dash” to the fullest. See if he can keep you looking back then he keeps you from moving forward.

I’m sure there are you who are saying, “Yeah right you don’t know my life, you don’t know my pain YOU DON’T KNOW ME!” You are absolutely right, I don’t,  but I know my “God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose,” Romans 8:28. God is in your dash, God is in your pain and God is in you, hoping that you would turn to Him and give Him an opportunity of making “your mourning into dancing, your sorrow into joy.” Turn your dash over to Him and live the fullness of your life in HIM.

I read of a woman who went by the name Princess, she lived in Africa. Princess was living her life to the fullest, serving others, loving others and sharing the JOY of the LORD. She had HIV/AIDS and was dying but seeing her you would never know, her JOY was indescribable. When the reporter asked where did she find her strength? Her answer left me in tears and has changed the course of my life and I hope it will your’s; “I don’t want to die…until I am dead.” She understood that her Heavenly Father is a King and she was HIS Princess. That is the legacy of her DASH.

  1. What will be the legacy of your DASH?
  2. What can you do right now to start really representing the dash in your life?
  3. What opportunity are you facing?
  4. What challenge are you facing?
  5. How can you LIVE OUT YOUR DASH right now?

Keeping It Simple and Straightforward

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    Live out your the dash between your beginning and end here on earth.


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