You Decide…God’s Not Dead

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GOD’S NOT DEAD weaves the stories of several students on a college campus, an outspoken professor, a local pastor, and several other characters together into a very interesting film. The storyline is one of conflict on a college campus where world-views collide from multiple angles. GOD’S NOT DEAD intertwines multiple stories of faith, doubt and disbelief, culminating in a dramatic call to action. The film will educate, entertain, and inspire moviegoers to explore what they really believe about God, igniting important conversations and life-changing decisions. The movie touches on the question of “Why does God “allow” bad things to happen?” This question leads to the gift of free will, which is what enables us to make choices, either for the good or the bad: We can choose to join a church, or we can choose to join a street gang. We can choose to believe in God, or we can choose to be an atheist. Even in very small ways we exercise free will: Choose the orange or the apple? The red rose or the red carnation?

Free will is a multipurpose gift. Not only can it make us happier by allowing us to have and do the things we like, it also shows an individual’s true character. And one’s use, or abuse, of free will speaks volumes. Although people are saved by grace through belief in Christ’s blood, you are not truly saved if you don’t live a life that reflects your faith, James 2:14-17: My brothers and sisters, what good is it if people say they have faith but do nothing to show it? Claiming to have faith can’t save anyone, can it? 15 Imagine a brother or sister who is naked and never has enough food to eat. 16 What if one of you said, “Go in peace! Stay warm! Have a nice meal!” What good is it if you don’t actually give them what their body needs? 17 In the same way, faith is dead when it doesn’t result in faithful activity. Your choice to use or abuse the gift of free will is a part of this reflection of your faith, and it is part of those deeds/motives we will all be held accountable for.

Keep in mind that Free Will allows us to choose whether or not we want to love God. He wants us to love Him only because we choose to love Him, not because we have no other choice in the matter. Love without sincerity is empty and meaningless; for love to have real meaning it must be voluntarily chosen. Without the gift of free will we wouldn’t have the opportunity to show Him real, meaningful love.

This movie will ignite you to think, question, and decide. See “To the wrong person you will never have any worth.  To the right person you will mean everything.”… 1 John 4: 18-19: There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear expects punishment. The person who is afraid has not been made perfect in love.  We love because God first loved us.

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