Where Dreams May Die….

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Ok, so let’s set the record straight…I highly despise bees!!! With that said, I know everyone has heard the phrase “busy as a bee.” This is because a bee is always working, taking no time to relax. Their job is to get the work done and once the bee has achieved all it can do in its life, it dies. Day in, Day out working…toiling. Does this sound like any one you know?

Here’s a little known fact about a bee; if a bee happens to fly into a glass jar without a lid, it will not be able to get out. Why? Because No Lid, No Hope?the bee’s purpose is to work and get the job done at all cost. Its mind is on getting the pollen and making the honey. There is no rationale of being trapped and getting out. It will fly into the glass, over and over again. It will hover, regroup, reposition itself and BAM!!! Into the glass again. It will continue to do this until it simply becomes too exhausted to fly and gives up, eventually staying in the bottom of the jar, having capable wings but, accepting defeat…it dies.


The tragedy of the bee is not its death, but its attempt to be free. Remember, there was no lid to limit the bee’s release, except for its self-imposed limit. Going forward with a plan that set it up for failure. All the busy bee had to do was look up, where freedom was guaranteed.

Does this sound like any one you know? We spend so much of our time working, toiling, preoccupied with things that we have to get done, because “If I don’t do it, nobody will!” God sees our toiling, we read in Mark. 6:45-50, “You may be toiling against the winds of adversity in your family, finances, fears and fighting for your survival; He sees you fighting against the pressures of life.” It says HE SEES, us trying, fighting to get out of this situation in our own strength; we get distracted, we get diseased and we get disgusted.

This life of toiling/working/struggling was not the life God intended for you. You were never meant to go at it alone. In Psalm 23:4 David wrote, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I will fear no evil for You are with me…” There is no lid on your jar of life. Look up, Look unto Jesus, He alone, can empower and teach you to live above the duress of your toil, of  your adversity.

We try over and over again, to make things happen our way, in our own strength. Then like the bee we reposition ourselves and try again and again, trying to make it out of this “jar” of life, never looking for the true way out, until finally we are so exhausted that we give up. THERE IS NO LID ON YOUR LIMIT! Philippians 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. When a dream dies we can fix our gaze solely on that dead dream or we can look up to God and dream a new dream.  DO n’t qu IT!!!

Where dreams may die...Dream a new DREAM!

  1. What would you try now if you knew you could not fail?
  2. What’s one thing you would love to do before the dream dies?
  3. What do you really, really want?
  4. What’s one change you could make to your lifestyle that would take the self-imposed limits off?


Keeping It Simple & Straightforward

  1. Good word! Thank you.

  2. So true


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