Road to Success?

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Road to Success

Road to Success

Pre-decide that everything no matter what it may be, will be beautiful! Success is not an option, it is an obligation. Stop wishing for success and start willing the success to happen because failure IS on the road to success. it is grounded into the pavement IN the road to success. EVERY step you take beyond your fears, your doubts, your anxieties, you crush failure into your road to YOUR SUCCESS! Faith is knowing in your heart that its (whatever it is) right in front of you but not seeing it…yet!

  1. What are you willing to do so that your story is written the way you want? (that scares you, that fills you with the fear of failure)
  2. Are you willing to get out of your own way and God’s?
  3. What is your next right step on your road to success?

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