Between the ears…

In Uncategorized on October 4, 2015 at 5:23 PM

What chatter is happening between your ears that is keeping you from your purposed steps?

Just Addriana...

You biggest obstacle lies between your ears…your own natural intelligence, a.k.a human reasoning. When your mind says, its impossible; God says, “I’m possible.” Your perception of God is key to your day-to-day battle between the ears. Our perception warps, twists and darkens our perspective because we just don’t see God. The real battle of your life is in your head, it’s not in your circumstance. Your battleground is not a geographical location, it’s not your debt, it’s not your past, it’s not what people did or say about you that matters!!! It is what you say and think about yourself that holds you back and threatens your destiny!

According to Merriam Webster reason is defined as a statement or fact that explains why something is the way it is, why someone does, thinks, or says something, or why someone behaves a certain way. Our human reasoning tells us why we…

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