Do you ever find yourself asking…Why do my days seemed to be filled with saying one thing and doing another? Do you find yourself living in your God-given values, or others people’s expectations of you? When you look into the mirror, are you sparkling with that joy you once knew, or has it subtly faded away and been replaced with a numbness you can’t describe?

Through Addriana’s career positions and life seasons, God has honed her spiritual gifts, de81cd_22bd61bdc00c48278523d6fdd965b8e6.jpg_400strengths and passions and in turn she is fulfilling His calling on her life – to be a “Body (of Christ) Builder!” Addriana is a Personal & Executive Coach, Speaker, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Leader and ASL Interpreter. Through sheer will, Strength-n-Dignity she overcame 13 years of domestic violence. Addriana has over 20 years of experience in coaching/training roles. For over a decade, she has designed and implemented customized fitness programs using a simple and straightforward approach for clients. Addriana has been certified in nutrition and group fitness. She is a graduate of Thomas Edison State College as well as a graduate of the NJ District School of Ministry. Addriana is also a certified Personal and Executive Coach through The CaPP Institute. As a  coach she seeks to elicit solutions and strategies from the client; she believes the client is naturally creative and resourceful.

 Keeping It Simple & Straightforward





  1. Hay girl…this is wonderful! YOU ARE A BLESSING! Inspire them to Jesus! I signed up and am looking forward to your Blog and want you to know that You Inspire me too!

    • Thank you for the encouragement at the end of the end I want people to know that Jesus didn’t come here to point a finger, he came to extend his hand serve. I am want to be like him. Encourage the hopeless and extend a hand.

  2. I love your focus on hope/faith. There is so much fear in the world that those of us who believe in the God of hope are being watched more closely than ever before. May we be found faithful.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    • Amen. The news, media and so many other venues strike to the very heart of fear in the views. As Christians we are made strong because of He who is in us. Thank your so much for your encouraging words.

      Peace, Addriana


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